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Tuesday 28 May 2024 18:00 - 20:00

„Another pointless business meeting - what a waste of time“

“I wish people would understand and do what they are supposed to do”

“How can anyone be so stubborn” 

My first bet: at least one of these or similar thoughts must have crossed your mind after another typical business encounter, be it a meeting with colleagues, an event with clients, a one-on-one with management.

My second bet: You would love to change that. Should I be wrong, should you be happy with the status quo of your communication and the outcome: have a wonderful life, you lucky person.

Should I be halfway right: you might want to read on …. 

What if I had something up the sleeve that introduces you to a different way of communicating, interacting with … yes, actually with anyone?

What if you learned about new and conscious ways of interacting with others, so that your communication becomes a lot more effective (yes, I know, sounds worn and yet it is to the point)?
What if I showed you how  NLP (neurolinguistic programming) with its comprehensive toolbox can add tremendous value to your business life? 

Would be awesome, correct?

All you have to do to get an idea of what I can offer you: register for this 2-hour introductory event, where we are going to cover the following:

Tuesday 28 May 2024 18:00 - 20:00

  1. NLP in a nutshell

  • What is NLP, who came up with it and how come it’s still around?
    (There must be something to it)
  • What’s in for you when you take a peek into the world of NLP?
    (Ok, my world of NLP)
  • Potential side effects
    (Oh yes, there are some. Most apparently to me: a better interaction with people AND yourself)
  1. NLP in a business context

  • Why would you want to integrate NLP aspects in business in general?
    (yepp, I can look back on many years of personal experience and can’t wait
    to share some insights with you)
  • In which fields of business could you possibly use NLP?
    The answer is short: in each and every. Hear more!
  • Want my number one benefit right away? Here you go:
    NLP helps to improve performance by overcoming psychological barriers that normally prevent us from using all our (maybe slumbering, unleashed) skills in situations within and, more importantly, outside our comfort zone.
    Join in to learn more about the benefits!
  1. Practice what you preach (yes, we all love role plays)

  • Want to jump right in?
    We are going to have some fun and first-hand experience in a typical (and rather universal) business setting.
    The tool that we’re going to use? Wait and see …
  1. Time for some more questions and answers

  • Whatever you want to ask (alright, context-related, can unfortunately not
    see the next lottery winning numbers in my crystal ball), I’ll try to answer
  1. Last but not least (and I’m being honest with you right from the start)

  • Quick look at my extensive training program “NLP Fusion: Crafting the Future of Business Communication”
    Find out how you can benefit from my 10-day training program!
    (and you will of course have the opportunity to book at a discounted rate)
Tuesday 28 May 2024 18:00 - 20:00


Are you curious why this training is held in English?

This has a lot to do with my perspective on and experience in global business. To me, English is still the lingua franca when it comes to international business. Fun fact: Had a meeting with Chinese people from different regions and even they spoke English amongst each other, in lack of any other common language ….

Back to the answer: I have a strong American background and love the English language. In countless business-related encounters, I have noticed that the need for emotionally intelligent communication skills in English is dire …. Be it native speakers or people who speak English as a second language - and this is why!

Who am I and why do I make this offer?

Kerstin Jakob nlp Karlsruhe erfolgsmoderatoren

I’m Kerstin, life-long language lover and learner. Was introduced to NLP some ten years ago and was fascinated by the L (for linguistics) right away. Have trained and learned a lot in all these years and have completed two programs (DVNLP, the German NLP society, and Society of NLP, the American counterpart) to the trainer / instructor level.

Then there is the other side of me: Have always worked in and for the industry as well (mostly pharma, to be precise) and have held various positions, from  shopfloor to management level. Have been active in the field of quality management and quality assurance (sounds dry, I know, and can be a lot of fun, if you look at it from the right perspective).
Established my own company together with a valued colleague some ten years ago and since then I have worked almost all around the globe and have integrated more and more of the NLP aspects into my working life. The effect has almost always been amazing, and the feedback I have received has been overwhelming all along. At some point I was asking myself: shouldn’t I reach out to you guys out there and let you in?
This is another why!


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NLP Fusion: Crafting the Future of Business Communication - online Introductory Session - Tuesday 28 May 2024 18:00 - 20:00
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